Our Dinner Companions
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We had a wonderful set of folks we ate dinner with every night. DSC_0233.JPG (2556435 bytes)DSC_0224.JPG (2728559 bytes)DSC_0228.JPG (2632613 bytes)




    Ruth                                     Lynn

DSC_0222.JPG (2647908 bytes)   DSC_0229.JPG (2768032 bytes)

    Kathy                                     Pete

DSC_0231.JPG (2694521 bytes)DSC_0223.JPG (2702939 bytes)

                                                                                                                  Bruce                                     Jack                                                                                                                             DSC_0226.JPG (2738505 bytes)DSC_0221.JPG (2836771 bytes)DSC_0227.JPG (2685036 bytes)DSC_0225.JPG (2769570 bytes)




            Debbie                                 Pete                                     Ertle                                 Pat

DSC_0220.JPG (2695695 bytes)   Our Waiter, David, and Assistant Waiter, Avni