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Gino's was a regional chain of fast food restaurants that were started by Baltimore Colt great Gino Marchetti. My wife, Pat, worked for them for many years starting part-time in high school before going into management for a brief time. Gino's sold out in the mid-80s to Marriott's Roy Rogers chain. The restaurant at the top of the page depects the original design for a Gino's--serving counter behind glass and no indoor seating. Later remodeling provided indoor seating, a somewhat "colonial" feel to the design, and salad bars. Not long after Gino's started expanding, Kentucky Fried Chicken joined the menu. Unlike KFCs in the rest of the US, Gino's did not serve mashed potatos, gravy or biscuits. A Gino's chicken meal was chicken and an order of fries. Even so, they sold a lot of chicken. This jingle was all over the airwaves. As a kid, we would change the lyrics to sing, "Everybody goes to Gino's, 'cause every other place is closed..."

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