Bentley Springs, MD
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Bentley Springs, MD is in Northern Baltimore County, in extreme northern Maryland, just a few miles south of the Mason Dixon line. My Dad was born in the Bentley Springs Hotel on December 13, 1919.

Of Bentley Springs, the Baltimore County Union of February 5, 1865, reported that: “In passing this beautiful and romantic station on the N.C.R. [Northern Central Railway] lately, we noticed still further improvements by Mr. Bentley, the proprietor. The foundations for a good-sized grain and forwarding warehouse is laid and will be rapidly completed. We are told that it is also the intention of Mr. B to build a fine hotel near the station for the accommodation of summer boarders from the city. No place could be better suited for a hotel on account of the beauty and healthfulness of the situation and the convenience of access by railroad from the city.”

Station & Hotel.jpg (119150 bytes)    Rear view Station & Station Master's House.jpg (146090 bytes)     Station.jpg (132093 bytes)

Locomotive entering Bentley Springs snow.jpg (182551 bytes)     Railroad Shed.jpg (230767 bytes)    Station 3.jpg (134986 bytes)   

Station 4.jpg (89084 bytes)

    Views of the Bentley Springs Railroad Station on the Northern Central Railroad. Top Left, you can see the Bentley Springs Hotel behind the Station. Hotel.jpg (119575 bytes)    Store & Post Office.jpg (119646 bytes)

Left, Bentley Springs Hotel. Right, store and Post Office.

Bentley Springs School.jpg (96024 bytes)    Bentley Springs School before 10-20-1907.jpg (137878 bytes)

Bentley Springs School 1909.jpg (146805 bytes)     Bentley Springs School 1921.jpg (112314 bytes)

The Bentley Springs School. The photo top right was taken sometime before 10-20-1907 as that is the postmark on the back. Bottom left, the 1909 class. Bottom right, the 1921 class.

House 719 Bentley RD Blt 1903.jpg (100685 bytes)         Bentley Springs UMC Pen & Ink.jpg (118925 bytes)

Grist Mill.jpg (151303 bytes)    Grist Mill 2.jpg (145024 bytes)

The Grist Mill at Bee Tree Run owned by the Simpson, Sampson and Royston families.

Steam Thresher.jpg (99341 bytes)    Steam Thresher 2.jpg (111529 bytes)

A Peerless Steam Thresher near Bentley Springs. The owner, Jacob Swam can been seen third from the left in the photo above left.

Drinking at the Spring.jpg (198589 bytes)    Eagle Paper Mill Fire.jpg (239347 bytes)

Flood 1.jpg (284830 bytes)    Flood 2.jpg (213233 bytes)    Flood 3.jpg (371368 bytes)     Flood 4.jpg (113331 bytes)    Flood-RR Shed.jpg (83949 bytes)

A winter flood. Note the flooded railroad shed in the last photo.